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The 10 best going shopping department stores in Jakarta with the scores and reasons

Seriously, one of the best things in Jakarta are its shopping organisations. I have myself travelled abroad and I’ve never noticed shopping malls thus densely used in one city. Remember, this is a list of 15, not a top ten, and it is structured solely on my experience. In this article we go:

1 . Pondok Indah Local mall 8. 5/10

This is my personal number 1 most visited mall and it’s not with out a reason. Pondok Indah Shopping center is strategically located in the middle of a top of the line residential area of Pondok Indah. It is not one of the most luxurious nearby mall in Jakarta but it is extremely well designed and maintained, even the basement feels comfortable with proper headroom meant for tall autos. The mall itself comprises of 2 and a half parts. For what reason 2 and a half? First, there are PIM 1, then there is PIM two which is (you guessed that! ) new, and then there are this somewhat awkward extension called the Street Gallery which in turn only provides food. Shopping mall in Indonesia What’s interesting

Post by bradley19holdt (2016-11-18 12:51)

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